Financial services.

We’ve worked with some of the leading brands in Financial Services and emerging Fintech for over 17 years. We’ve developed strategy, products and campaigns for the likes of Triodos Bank, Ascentric, Sunlife, Wealthify, Parmenion and Royal London Group.

Digitalisation has bought a new wave of challenges in marketing for financial services

There are few sectors where digital technology coupled with consumer adoption has disrupted the traditional models as much. Growth in mobile app banking and the explosion of new challenger and app-only banks and investment propositions has made the job of standing out, reaching, and resonating with your audience even more difficult.

When it comes to the challenges of marketing for the financial service industry, the same fundamental issues still abound though - how do you overcome the latent inertia that consumers are too frequently struck with? - we’re still more likely to change our spouse than our bank. And, given that we’re living with an aging demographic, with longer life expectancy, over 40s, 50s and 60s are now key digital targets for many digital-first brands, and they are even less likely to change their habits than Millennials. Brands who want to succeed need to work really hard to stand out. 

Using the digital transformation in the finance industry as an opportunity for growth

Being digital first and having a decent offer and experience is no longer a competitive advantage. A responsive digital transformation strategy is the way to overcome these challenges. For successful fintech marketing and financial services digital strategies, brands must create really compelling, unique or inventive propositions, positioning, campaigns and digital experiences that are world-class, to compel someone to consider them.

According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in a brand has grown significantly in its importance in the post pandemic world. For consumers it's now a very close second to price and affordability. In a sector where increasingly the experience is the brand and brand, the experience, financial services and fintech brands have to work even harder to overcome consumer uncertainty and build trust. Digital experience plays a critical role in doing just that.

Our experience in digital marketing for financial services

We help ambitious financial services and fintech brands build trust, and overcome inaction and compel action through digital transformation. Over the past 17 years we’ve delivered digital and marketing strategies and campaigns for financial service brands such as Sunlife, Triodos Bank, N&P Building Society, Ashcourt Rowan, Ascentric, Parmenion, Sunlife Financial of Canada, Royal London Group, Aspen Insurance and Standard Aberdeen Standard Investments, as well as digital start ups such as Weathlify and Tally Money.