Shopping centres.

We’ve worked with some of the leading brands in shopping centres over the past 12 years. We’ve developed digital strategy, products and campaigns for the likes of Cribbs Causeway, Manchester Arndale and The Lexicon.

The challenges faced by shopping centres are ever-growing

Shopping centre footfall figures have been on the decline, affected adversely by the rise in ecommerce and the more recent challenges of Covid. 

Coupled with that, the last few years have seen huge growth in consumers buying direct from producers. So, an increasing number of those who do visit, then choose to purchase online. For a model still largely based on footfall as a driver of rental yield, it's a triple whammy.

What does the future look like for shopping centres?

There is still opportunity, and a lot of it. Research shows over 50% of consumers say they missed shopping during lockdown. But, there are also a large number of consumers forced to use ecommerce during lockdown who realised the efficiency and ease of it. So, how can shopping centres get these consumers back to stores? And what can be done to fill empty retail space?

Centres need to work harder to convince, entice and engage. Coming just to buy is increasingly not enough of a draw. A study by Deloitte found that post-pandemic, consumers who do want to visit centres are likely to already know what they want to purchase. These respondents said that going to a centre is more about the whole experience than just shopping. 

How can shopping centre commercialisation strategies entice more consumers back to store? 

Centres have to consider more experience-led events, and activities, more mixed use retail space with entertainment and food outlets more than just an add on. And, really consider how digital and smart use of data can augment the experience and visit for consumers.

Overcoming the challenges through strategic campaigns 

We’ve worked with shopping centres around the UK on engaging with their target consumers, to drive out of home, and in centre engagement and increase footfall. We’ve done this for The Mall, Cribbs Causeway, Manchester Arndale and The Lexicon.