From Fin-tech start-up to financial stalwart.


On a mission to democratise the world of investing, Wealthify is a robo-investment platform that makes your money work harder for you.

Financial services.
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About this partnership

Wealthify came to us with a name, an investment platform and a goal to bring investing to the masses. We were tasked with launching this product, in a financial market plagued with inertia and consumer confusion. We built the brand from the ground up allowing us to not only design how the brand looked but to stitch the brand experience into every step of the digital product. Our work helped Wealthify go from start-up to sell out inside two years, the product is now owned by Aviva.

“true were instrumental in helping shape our product, how people experienced it, how the brand behaved and spoke. They embraced our vision to totally reconsider what an investment product could be, their understanding of how consumers want to interact with it has played a huge role in our success.”

Sally Allan, Chief Marketing Officer, Wealthify