Published: 23rd November 2023

true leads the creative for Cribbs new loyalty scheme – “Cribbs and Me Rewards”

true share the new look and feel of the Cribbs loyalty scheme, live winter '23.

Rishna Patel
Rishna Patel - Senior Account Director
Cribbs launches loyalty offering for shoppers – “Cribbs and Me Rewards”.

Cribbs Causeway, one of the most visited shopping destinations in the Southwest is excited to announce the launch of its innovative new loyalty campaign “Cribbs and Me Rewards”, designed to reward its valued customers. The loyalty programme is open to all customers, compensating shoppers in an intuitive, hassle-free way with gift-card cashback, exclusive discounts and bespoke experiences.

Seamless integration with the Cribbs App

Joining the loyalty programme is a breeze. Customers simply need to download the Cribbs & Me app, link their bank card, and continue shopping at Cribbs as usual. The process is quick, and easy, and ensures that the focus remains on the enjoyable shopping experience.

true leads the creative for Cribbs new loyalty scheme – “Cribbs and Me Rewards” 1
Rewards across the board

Unlike traditional loyalty programmes, Cribbs’ initiative applies to all purchases made within the Centre from any of its retailers. From fashion to electronics, beauty products to home essentials, monthly or seasonal, every transaction contributes to unlocking exciting rewards in the shape of a Cribbs gift card – meaning shoppers can spend their voucher with any retailer within the centre.

Open to all Cribbs customers, the loyalty programme is a testament to Cribbs's commitment to making every shopping experience rewarding. Whether you're a frequent visitor or a first-time shopper, this loyalty initiative is designed with you in mind and can be used alongside stores own rewards schemes.

The Creative

The campaign, led by true, is a distinctive play on purchases and rewards. It jovially heroes the diametrically opposing contrast of what the shopper gives (with spend) and receives back via a gift card.

Nick Horne, Creative Director, true: “With the Cribbs & Me Rewards system you spend anywhere in Cribbs as you normally would, and you get a surprise reward for something different. We wanted to have fun with the natural playfulness of the system in the executions by juxtaposing products in fun and engaging ways, bringing to life both the rewards programme and the breadth of retailer within the centre.”

Lizzie Taylor, Marketing Director, Cribbs: “With a vibrant and witty execution, this campaign stands as a testament to our commitment to making every shopping moment extraordinary. It boldly declares that our loyalty program is not bound by product categories—it's a celebration of every purchase, an ode to the diverse tastes that define our shoppers."

The creative is currently being displayed within the Centre, with a digital media campaign.

With approximately 1000 app downloads already, Cribbs anticipates a significant surge over the Christmas season, fuelled by the launch of a captivating Christmas campaign on Monday. The campaign includes an exciting competition tied to the loyalty programme, further incentivising shoppers to join.

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true leads the creative for Cribbs new loyalty scheme – “Cribbs and Me Rewards” 2
Rishna Patel
Rishna Patel - Senior Account Director