Published: 22nd Jun 2023

The Cribbs Story

Winning Customers Back Post-Covid; A refreshed brand and a new way of doing things

- true team

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses across the globe faced unprecedented challenges, and the retail industry was no exception. Cribbs shopping centre, known for its vibrant in-store events and activations, had to adapt its strategies to navigate the changing landscape. However, with careful brand development work and a shift in communications approach, Cribbs is successfully winning back customers and achieving promising results. In this blog post, we will explore the journey of Cribbs as they focused on brand advertising, data-driven campaigns, and the road to recovery in a post-Covid era. 

Pre-Covid: Engaging In-Store Experiences Prior to the pandemic. 

Cribbs placed a strong emphasis on providing shoppers with unique in-store experiences that could not be replicated online. From interactive events to loyalty programs, they aimed to create an immersive environment where customers could engage with the brands they loved. Exciting activations like experiences with Paddington, retail-specific events and in-store rewards drove footfall and fostered a sense of loyalty among shoppers. 

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The Impact of Covid-19: A Shift in Strategy

When the pandemic hit, Cribbs, like many others, had to put a halt to all in-person events and activations. With consumers turning to online shopping, footfall in physical stores drastically decreased, overall spending took a significant hit. However, as the situation began to evolve, Cribbs saw an opportunity to reshape their brand and develop a suite of assets that would resonate with their target audiences. 

true created a suite of campaignable brand assets, alongside brand guidelines, to help bring the vision to life. Our role was a strategic partner as well as facilitating bringing the brand to life, including the management of photoshoots and securing a reliable photographer who became a key part of future campaigns. This collaboration ensured consistent brand messaging and a compelling visual identity across all channels. 

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Shifting Communication Strategy: From Tactical to Brand Advertising  

Post Covid, there has been a notable shift in Cribbs' communication strategy. Rather than a reliance on more tactical and reactionary briefs, Cribbs have embraced brand advertising and adopted an "always on" approach in target areas. This marked a significant departure from their previous practices. By leveraging their newly developed brand assets, Cribbs aimed to create a lasting impression and build stronger connections with their customers. 

Utilising consumer data for targeted campaigns and recognising the power of consumer data, Cribbs partnered with CACI, a consumer data analytics firm, to gain valuable insights into their target groups. With the help of this data, true have been able to execute sophisticated campaigns tailored to specific segments and catchment areas. By considering factors such as frequency of visits and spending habits, Cribbs implemented effective strategies to bring back their desired target audiences. 

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As a result of the brand development efforts and targeted campaigns, Cribbs experienced a notable increase in footfall across the entire shopping center. While there has been a year-on-year increase in spending, it has not kept pace with footfall due to prevailing economic uncertainties and consumer cautiousness. However, considering the challenging circumstances, the client is happy with the achieved results. Although consumer confidence remains fragile, some spending activity has resumed, providing hope for continued recovery. 

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- true team