Published: 8th January 2024

A new website for South West Water

On behalf of our client, Pennon, true is thrilled to share a new website for South West Water, reinforcing their commitment to a customer-first approach.

Saskia Jury
Saskia Jury - Account Director

A new year, a refreshed website....

The new website marks a significant milestone in South West Water’s dedication to its customers and corporate responsibilities. The website officially went live in the autumn of last year, with Bournemouth Water’s site set to go live in early 2024.

A new website for South West Water 2

Against a challenging backdrop, Pennon recognised the urgent need to review customer outreach strategies. At the forefront of their communication efforts, the websites for both brands, serve as a major channel for engagement with their diverse audience.

The previous websites lacked consistency, failing to adequately highlight the comprehensive services provided by South West and Bournemouth Water across the region. The new websites, developed by true, have a strong emphasis on customer-centricity, designed to meet the varying needs of a wide range of audience groups, including account owners, information seekers, and businesses.

A new website for South West Water 3

The sites have also adopted a content-led approach to support Pennon’s ongoing commitment to transparent communication, highlighting the value and initiatives undertaken by the company, beyond services, spanning environmental and community-led projects.
Central to the South West Water website is a human-centric brand, reflecting long-term values and expertise in the field. By providing a consistent and user-friendly experience, the website hopes to strengthen the brand’s connection with customers whilst demonstrating a commitment to social and environmental accountability.

To see the new site, visit:

A new website for South West Water 4
A new website for South West Water 5
Saskia Jury
Saskia Jury - Account Director