Published: 19th April 2016

Why do we bang on about the customer journey?

Strategist Lauren reveals why customer journeys are worth embarking on.

true UX
true UX

Here at True, we’re always thinking about the customer journey.

Why? Because when you understand your audience’s mindset, you have real power in your hands.

Take npower.

By understanding how new customers research and purchase energy, we realised the importance being able to save a quote. Simply put, users often dip in and out of the purchase journey.  Comparing utilities can be arduous, full of confusing jargon and generally, not something anyone enjoys doing. So they leave it partway through to make a cup of tea, or pick up the kids from school.

So we set about making it easier, simply by making the ‘email me my quote’ functionality more obvious.

The success was huge. Overall, npower’s quote potential has increased by almost 50,000 per year with the greatest uplift (+663%) seen on mobile. 

This is a big deal for customer experience. Because how frustrating do you find switching between devices? If your experience is anything like ours – very. But for prospective npower customers, it’s now seamless.

The gritty detail

We designed A/B test variants for desktop, tablet and mobile aiming to increase the prominence of ‘email me my quote’ functionality, with the objective of increasing interactions. 

There was lots of talk of optimals and controls, but I won’t bore you with that now. Just know we’re all thrilled with the results.  It’s one of the most significant performance improvements we’ve seen, and the client loves how quickly all of the partners came together to deliver results.

So what now? At True we’re never finished. Our next mission is to identify where else we can support the journey and to take further advantage of the mobile opportunity.

true UX
true UX