Published: 27th Sep 2021

true receives IPA Effectiveness Accreditation

We're pleased as punch to be recognised for our efforts around effectiveness, but it's just the first step.

Dave Jones - Senior Strategist

If there is a single mantra that sums up the true approach, it’s that we win when our clients win. 

We know that, as an agency, we live or die according to our ability to deliver work that produces positive business outcomes. 

That’s why we put so much emphasis on marketing effectiveness, and why we are so chuffed to receive the IPA Effectiveness Accreditation; an award that recognises we are ‘leading the way in effectiveness’ along with 18 other agencies. 

The judging panel acknowledged we had demonstrated our approach to effectiveness across areas including commercial literacy, people, process and challenge mentality. 

But, whilst it’s lovely to be recognised, we really see this as a bit of a first step. 

Because, as the saying goes, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’. 

We are committed to making sure that effectiveness goes way beyond a set of slides in a strategy presentation and becomes an even greater part of the way we operate as a team. 

That means having the data and tools in place to be able to define, measure and prove the value of our work and the processes to apply that focus to every project we deliver. 

Building and maintaining that culture will be a long road, but receiving IPA Effectiveness Accreditation is a strong sign that we’re on the right track.

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