Published: 23rd Mar 2020

Staying true

Tim Jones - Managing Director

Business as usual

Except it isn’t, clearly.

No one could have imagined the past few weeks. At times, it feels like we’re all in some sort of nightmare from which we’ll awake and find ourselves in the queue for a morning coffee or in the pub round the corner. These are scary and very strange times. We’re all having to adjust, and fast.

Despite all the challenges, True are continuing to support our own team and our clients to the very best of our abilities. Over the last few years we’ve invested in our remote working competencies and developed a robust business continuity plan. As a result, from last week all of our team are now working from their own homes, ensuring we are keeping everyone as safe as possible whilst also allowing business continuity for our clients. We even had our first home working beer o-clock last Friday!

We’re working hard to support our clients as they adapt and revise their plans, and we are busy working on tactical ways in which digital can help their customers, clients, and staff.

Of course, inevitably we have some space opening up as some projects are paused. So, if you do need help with your digital plans or tactical challenges. or just want a chat, a second opinion on something you’re working on, or a handy hint on how to use Microsoft Teams (we’ve had to become experts very quickly!) – you know where we are.

After all, we’re all in this together.

Stay safe.