Published: 7th December 2022

Change is the only constant

Earlier this year we turned 18 years old. Proper grown up.

Tim Jones
Tim Jones - Founder & Director

We set-up true only a few years after the .com bubble had supposedly burst and since that time have experienced so much change, good and bad. It’s been a particularly turbulent time in the last few years and that volatility is showing no sign of abating.

We’ve been fortunate to weather the difficult recent teenage years through a combination of our own team’s commitment, skills and experience plus the breadth and depth of client sectors we work within; some hit harder than others by the vagaries of Covid and the cost of living crisis. 

In short, we’ve grown up. We’ve had to. We’re now old enough to vote, drink, and get a tattoo without asking our parents permission. Ok, that last one is probably ill-advised!

As true enters it’s adult phase of life, our clients have matured too, and what they need from us has changed and developed. We’ve recognised an increased need for new thinking, ideas and experiences, and more flexibility.

We still have the same passion and ambition, and our love of helping solve clients' digital and marketing challenges remains undimmed. Part of that ambition is to recognise and nurture the future talent in true, and that’s why we’ve made some changes to key roles.

Rich McCloskey has been promoted to Managing Director. Tim Jones is moving into a broader Founder role focusing on growth and development of the agency offer and, Tim Beckett becomes our Chairman.

Rich will now lead agency operations and our Management Team. This change is in recognition of Rich’s important contribution over the last few years. In particular, cultivating our long-term client relationships, growing our client services team, and enhancing the quality of our work. We have a great management team, and led by Rich, we know we can do even better and more effective work for our clients and have some fun along the way.

Exciting times! Who knows what the next 18 years will bring, but we’ll enjoy the ride. After all, the only constant is change! 

Tim & Tim

Tim Jones
Tim Jones - Founder & Director