Published: 16th April 2015

Partnering with Kentico for the TCMM Shutter Group

The TCMM Shutter Group is a leading shutter manufacturer, operating in a number of markets

Rishna Patel
Rishna Patel - Senior Account Director

The TCMM Shutter Group is a leading shutter manufacturer, operating in a number of markets.

They manage a portfolio of brands, including The California Shutter Company and Shutterly Fabulous in the UK, The Shutter Store in the US, and a new DIY offering in Canada.

The TCMM Shutter Group is a really exciting client. They have a brilliant range of products, plus an ambitious vision for international growth – the perfect combination.

The task

We were asked to completely redesign the TCMM Shutter Group’s existing suite of websites. The goal? To give customers a smooth and simple purchasing journey, as well as to provide the client with an efficient way of managing and updating the multiple sites - including the ability to easily create new sites in the case of future market growth.

There were a number of key considerations:

  • The brand has a diverse range of products, meaning lots of customer choice. This needed to be made clear and easy to navigate for visitors to the site.
  • The sites needed to work across a variety of locations, taking into account different languages, tax, and shipping models.
  • The sites were required to seamlessly integrate with the Sage 50 accounting package, as well as the TCMM Shutter Group’s existing CRM platform.

Simplifying the site

Working closely with Kentico, we delivered a simple, single-platform solution. This meant each site in the portfolio shares a single product database and content management system, as well as a single configurator, checkout and order system. Although the architecture and product database is shared, each site was given a bespoke user experience and design, reflecting each brand’s unique identity.

In order to configure the extensive range of products across the portfolio of sites, we created a spreadsheet matrix for product mapping. We populated this matrix with all the relevant product information, gathered from a wide variety of sources, including multiple interviews with the clients themselves.

The resulting database gives site administrators complete control over all aspects of the product, providing extensive customisation options whilst guarding against the creation of any invalid products.   This configurator is now being used across 5 sites in 4 countries, each with a unique range of products, options, and pricing models – all managed from our single, multi-site solution.

Putting customers first

In order to help the customer make their choice of shutter style from the huge product range, we created 3D CGI models to showcase what the shutter would look like when different options were selected, such as colour, wood stains, and dimensions. This functionality is unique to TCMM in the marketplace.

We also included rich video content around measuring and installing the shutters, as well as live chat with trained experts, to make the purchasing decision effortless and enjoyable.

Delivering fantastic results

Working with Kentico’s cost-effective and customisable solution meant that we were able to create a portfolio of sites perfectly designed to meet the needs of the client and their customers. Since the launch of the sites, the TCMM Shutter Group has seen a 68% increase in sales and a 25% increase in conversions, resulting in a 69% increase in revenue. 

Rishna Patel
Rishna Patel - Senior Account Director