Published: 28th January 2024

Bristol, the “Silicon Gorge” of the South West.

Bristol - The UK’s home for tech and innovation.

Tim Jones
Tim Jones - Founder & Director

How Bristol and the South West earnt its reputation

When a Silicon Valley microchip innovator, Fairchild Semiconductor International (whose founders later kickstarted Intel) chose Bristol as their UK home over forty years ago – the wheels were set in motion for the city to become known as a global and industry leading tech and digital hub.

Initially recognised for pioneering aeronautics in the early 20th Century, primary investment from industry leaders, meant others soon followed, including a hefty sum of over £200 million from the UK government in the 1970s.

Today, the city is home to a variety of “deep-tech” businesses. The remit is expansive from material to manufacturing, AI, biotech, robotics, and electronics, with the landscape continuing to evolve at an insatiable pace.

Most recently, Dyson has announced plans for a £100m research and development hub – providing further assurance of the city’s draw for tech and business leaders, chosen because of its standing as an “international hub for software and digital skills”.

Fundamental to the South West’s reputation has also been the universities that bolster the industry from the ground up. 'Science Creates', for example, is a tech breeding ground, and incubator linked to the University of Bristol, supports over 100 businesses locally. Scratch the surface, and there are a multitude of accelerator programs in the area, like Set Squared, that go on to make the region a hot bed for future talent and start-ups.

Bristol, the “Silicon Gorge” of the South West 1

A unique combination of creative and tech

Bristol’s rare ability to attract businesses and talent from around the world comes not only from its technical capabilities but from its creative standing as well.

The home of Massive Attack, Banksy, Academy award-winning Aardman, and Bristol Young Vic, just a few of the world-class music and arts exports that Bristol is renowned for that have gone on to shape the dynamic creative industries that help the city thrive.

Household names, like these, over the decades have prompted a rise of digital, branding, and design enterprises putting down roots in the region.

So, it’s no accident that in 2004, our founders chose Bristol as the home of our agency - true.

As one of Bristol’s longstanding digital agencies, we’ve always been fiercely proud to be part of such a vibrant city.

“Bristol hits the sweet spot for where innovation converges with heritage, creating a vibrant tapestry for creativity and an exciting place to place to run a agency - its the home for digital excellence, collaboration, and pushing boundaries, all values that we champion here at true."

Tim Jones, Founder, true

As true embark on our 20th year in the region, we'll be looking to reflect on the evolution of our agency and how Bristol and South West have shaped who we are today. And with celebrations and some great projects in the pipeline, there's a lot to be excited about...

Bristol, the “Silicon Gorge” of the South West 2
Tim Jones
Tim Jones - Founder & Director