Published: 7th Oct 2015

3 clever copy campaigns

The evolution of digital marketing has resulted in increasingly advanced campaigns, often using groundbreaking technology or innovative new products.

- true team

But sometimes, words are enough. 

To celebrate the power of the written word, here are 3 creative copy campaigns that have caught my eye recently. 

1. Volkswagen

These clever billboards make clever use of punctuation to highlight the importance of braking  - or breaking – at the right moment. 


2. The Alzheimer’s Society

These moving press ads use copy to highlight the devastating impact of Alzheimer’s and the effect it can have on memory. 

3. Depaul UK

This campaign from homelessness charity Depaul doesn’t just make clever use of copy; it innovatively uses physical space to fantastic effect. 

There you have it. Sometimes you can get your message across most effectively simply by harnessing the power of the written word. 

- true team