Published: 13th May 2016

What Happened at Google Shopping Central?

Our media team was invited to Google’s London offices to discuss the future of Google Shopping.

- true team

Google Shopping simply works.

There are times when we all need to buy something quickly, with minimal effort. And that’s exactly what Google Shopping allows us to do, just by searching for the product online.

A little known fact is however that both the shopping campaigns, as well as the Merchant Center platform where the product information is stored, are rather complex to set up. There is a lot that comes together that makes the shopping campaigns work for our clients, which more often than not require a fair amount of both time and resource to manage.

We were recently invited to the first Google Shopping Central – designed to find solutions to the issues both agencies and clients face when using the product. The guys at Google presented the product vision and roadmap, and we shared our own ideas for the future of Google Shopping.

Of course the whole thing was very hush hush – we solemnly swore not to reveal anything about the mock-ups. However, we can share some of the top tips we took from the day.

Brands looking to capitalise on Google Shopping need to make sure all products include GITN numbers. This requirement comes into force on 16th May.

We’re keen to see what updates come out of the Google Performance Summit on 24th May, when new innovations for Google AdWords and Analytics will be announced.

Interested in more updates? We’ll be writing another post after the Performance Summit, or you can get in touch and see how our Media team can help with your campaigns.

- true team