Published: 3rd Feb 2015

The perfect partnership for Pet Drugs Online

- true team

Our new website for Pet Drugs Online (PDOL) is a great example of partnerships solving problems - and collaboration as key to creating an outstanding customer experience.

Established and run by qualified vets, PDOL offers pet owners a more cost-effective way to buy their prescription and non-prescription drugs than buying from their vet.

We love ambitious clients and PDOL have ambition in spades. The new site had to accommodate plans for accelerated growth and the potential to extend into new areas.

Building a powerful brand

The online pet meds market in the UK is aggressive and increasingly crowded. True's aim was to make PDOL stand apart as a trusted and credible option. That meant creating a strong online brand and a smooth, effortless shopping experience that clearly establishes them as the first and obvious choice for pet owners.

Yet behind that smooth shopping experience lies great complexity. The distribution of medicine is heavily regulated, and our site has to comply with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) and all the different regulations and prescription requirements that apply to different types of medicine.

It also has to integrate seamlessly into Khaos Control, PDOL's ERP, to allow data transfer between the two systems with no discernable delay. At launch, thousands of user records were transferred from the old PDOL site to the new with no interruption to the service.

The site is fully PCI compliant, with increased password security to let customers pay without re-keying their card details.

Creating a unique customer experience

One of the things we love best about Kentico is the ability to customise to exactly what our clients need. For PDOL, our enhancements included a custom shipping engine so shipping charges could be set by territory and building a sophisticated API layer to sync data including navigation structure, inventory, customers, orders and prescriptions between the ERP and the website. We also built bespoke functionality to allow multiple options on a product (e.g. size and colour) which Kentico loved so much, they have built it into their Version 8 release.

Delivering great results

We're delighted to report that the new site is working brilliantly. Year-on-year, sales are up almost 20%. Customers are spending 80% more time on the site. The bounce rate is down 26%. There's been a 3.3% increase in returning visitors, a 7.4% increase in transactions from mobiles and a 7.91% increase in mobile conversion.

And beyond the great stats, we have a very happy client. We'll leave the last word to Simon Sutton, Managing Director of Pet Drugs Online:

“I read with interest what happened when M&S launched their new site. 8.1% sales reduction in first quarter following launch. 4.6% in second quarter. We launched a class leading website and transformed every business process. And within 8 weeks of launch – just 8 weeks – we had our largest sales day ever.”

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- true team