Published: 30th Mar 2017

Mum Knows Best for Fuller’s

After a successful Father’s Day campaign for Fuller’s Brewery last year, we were delighted to receive their digital campaign brief for Mother’s Day 2017.

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Mother’s Day is usually a pretty busy occasion for Fuller’s, but never ones to rest on their laurels, they saw it as a key opportunity to make Fuller’s synonymous with all family occasions.

The brief focused on promoting their excellent food offer through Fuller’s Kitchen. The marketing team were keen to avoid the clichéd fizz and flowers approach many Mother’s Day communications take. Our first stage was to present some creative campaign concepts to the team at Fuller’s. They chose a favourite route, which we took forward into a full campaign.

True Fullers1

We then crafted a detailed brief, taking into account the requirements of the client as well as three strategic insights to explore creatively:

  • Real words, real people
  • Our food, show don’t tell
  • I’ll have what she’s having…

As with any campaign we first briefed the full project team, including strategy, media, creative and tech. We know how vital it is to give the full team visibility of the campaign, from concept to execution.

We had a clear budget set from the outset, which is always beneficial.  We always recommend that the majority of a campaign’s budget is dedicated to media activity and spend. You can produce incredible creative but if you don’t commit the spend and resource to getting it seen, you won’t have a successful campaign.
Our creative team, alongside one of our senior media consultants, worked on a raft of assets.

True Fullers2

We focused on mobile and social media because our insight told us that a significant amount of the research and table bookings made by Fuller’s customers happens on mobile devices.

The final campaign concept zeroed in on two of our strategic pillars; real words, real people and our food, show don’t tell. The essential message was ‘don’t take our word for it.  We put their food offering front and centre through the use of the Fuller’s Kitchen brand, sitting alongside real-life customer reviews.

Our media and creative team worked on a media plan which consisted of a headline piece of creative in the form of a Facebook canvas ad. This gave us a very visual, mobile only type ad to drive people to a bespoke Mother’s Day pub finder on From there, people could search for their nearest Fuller’s pub and book directly.

True Fullers3

This was supported by promoted Instagram posts, another very visual channel, and more activity through Facebook desktop ads and search PPC.

Our advertising was grouped to target three different audiences:

  • Women between 30 and 50, likely to be both mothers and daughters
  • Adults in their 20s, not likely to be parents but looking to book for their own
  • New fathers, looking to make their love one’s first Mother’s Day special

For each audience group, we created tailored ad copy and applied geo targeting across all adverts.
We knew from previous years’ data and further insight that there is a research and early booking period a few weeks before Mother’s Day, before a real spike in the week before Mother’s Day as people cement plans or late bookers panic!

We launched the campaign on 28th February to give us a month of campaign activity, with planned alterations in copy to increase urgency nearer the day. We launched the PPC activity two weeks ahead.

We are still in the process of collating the results and assessing performance of the campaign, but signs are extremely positive and we are already talking to Fuller’s about their Father’s Day campaign for this summer.

This campaign is another example of the strength True has when it comes to creative campaign work, showing the benefits of a full service team at your disposal, from creative, channel strategy and media to technology and implementation. 

Get in touch to discuss your next campaign. We'd love to help.

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