Published: 5th Nov 2020

Is it time to give your CMS some TLC?

Many businesses aren't getting the most out of their CMS. We’ll explain why now is as good a time as any to start surveying your current set-up and offer up some key areas for exploration.

Sam Nunnerley - Business Development Manager

While such focus has (and continues to be) on this volatile and unpredictable year, all brands now have the difficult challenge of planning for 2021.

With marketing budgets expected to be put under pressure, it’s more important than ever to rationalise the investment and effectiveness of all marketing operations — not least technology solutions — which account for the largest proportion of most budgets.

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Underutilised potential

Gartner research shows that on average marketers use only 58% of their existing technology capabilities.

As you and your team may begin to re-focus on your content strategy  for next year— and how to manage this across complex, diverse or disparate digital estates — it’s likely that you’ll come up against operational or technical challenges with your CMS that prevent you from doing your best work.

It’s easy to plough ahead without fully considering how your current CMS enables (or hampers) your ability to execute your content strategy.

Taking the time to honestly review the suitability and true potential of your current setup is a really important task.

Is your CMS working as hard as it could?

The below four part “checklist” offers a few thought starters that all brands should look at when reviewing their current CMS platform.

1. Consolidation. If you are currently running a number of sites across different content management systems, you should consider consolidating these all under one primary system. Managing your digital estate from a central hub affords greater oversight, efficiency and cost savings from reduced licencing and support fees.

2. Optimisation. Much focus is given to the external experience that your CMS delivers to your customers, but the internal user experience can often be overlooked. By refining your CMS architecture, optimising the use and intelligent re-use of templates and components you can drive major efficiencies and reduce complexity. Having a user-friendly system is incredibly important — marketing teams need a solution that is easy-to-use and doesn’t require a lot of technical know-how or training to operate.

3. Utilisation. You could be missing out on powerful ad-ons, from dynamic search, to intelligent content personalisation and A/B testing, if you haven’t fully explored the entire scope of features and modules available for your system. In addition to “baked in” modules, custom integrations are also a great way to automate processes and share data to drive better customer experiences.

4. Migration. It is important to review your longer term marketing strategy in the context of your CMS. It’s not uncommon for brands to find that their CMS is not fit for purpose — either unnecessarily cumbersome and expensive or too limited to deliver on ambitions. With so many different options available, it’s easy to stick with the status quo, but migrating to a new CMS can be one of the most transformative actions you can take.

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How we can help

Hopefully our checklist has given you some food for thought, but we understand the complexity that comes with analysing all of the different options. Now more than ever, it’s important to take decisive action with confidence that it’ll provide a return.

As certified partners for many leading CMS platforms, and with a wealth of experience delivering websites and content solutions for our clients, we can offer impartial advice, insight and recommendations from a unique perspective.

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At true, we’ve worked with brands of all sizes and sectors to optimise their CMS — from designing new and innovative templates that enable the easy re-use of content across sites, to consolidating instances into single multi-site solutions to help clients save time and money.

If you’re interested in having an open discussion about any of your current CMS challenges, contact Sam Nunnerley. You never know what you could be leaving on the table!