Published: 18th Feb 2016

Further confessions of a Creative Director

- true team

We’ve had some serious talent join us in the past year or so.

A year of significant growth, multiple awards and rocketing up the agency league tables has opened eyes, previously blinkered by London-centricity, to the fact that you can do great work, achieve worthwhile things and have a better quality of life right here in Bristol. In Royal London Buildings, to be precise.

It seems that some London agencies breed certain expectations of Creative Directors. They should be arrogant. Aggressive. Have a fearsome temper. The CD makes people cry.

In which case (in my humble opinion) the CD’s a tosser.

I don’t buy it.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had my moments. But I’ve never, ever found that behaving like an arse is the best way to inspire creativity and inventiveness. A great agency team is founded on trust, respect, support and shared ambition to make something extraordinary – together.

True is a handpicked collective of distinct individual talents. Combined, we’re a force to be reckoned with. And no. We don’t make each other cry. Having a laugh always has been and always will be how this team works. 

- true team