Published: 24th Jul 2018

Creative exploration

- true team

We always love to hear from other creative businesses at True.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting 2 guest speakers from Bristol’s thriving creative community. 

First up, we welcomed Jason Smith, co-founder of Fiasco Design. While True is devotedly digital, every now and again we create beautiful print assets for our clients, and we’re long standing admirers of Fiasco’s print work.

Jason took us back to 2010 when he and his business partner Ben set up Fiasco and began building their agency from scratch. 

The classic start up dilemmas they faced reminded us of our early days at True. The big clients you want to attract think you’re too small or don’t have enough experience. But you can’t grow and gain experience without someone trusting in your talent and vision. You need to find clients who understand that an agency and client can grow strong together. For True, that client was Furniture Village. For Fiasco, it was Tobacco Factory Theatres.

To rebrand Tobacco Factory, Jason and his team created a beautiful brand book, charting the history of the theatres and the area. They distilled everything the theatres do for the community in the concept of assemble. Both book and concept became points of reference in each phase of the design, including the design of a custom made typeface, Assembly Outline, at the heart of the theatres’ new identity. 


Fiasco’s approach of defining a singly unifying thought behind everything you create is entirely in tune with the way we work at True, as is the spirit of creativity that means they’re always exploring new ideas and opportunities.
Hot on Jason’s heels came Tom Metcalfe, creative director of Thomas Buchanan Studios and 5 a side chum of the True football squad.
Again, we found a lot of common ground. Tom’s creative process diagram looked remarkably familiar:

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True’s creative process also starts with a roving exploration of ideas. These are continually refined, consolidated and evolved into single-minded thoughts that are clear, concise and straight in your mind. 

As an agency devoted to helping people profit from the limitless possibilities of digital, we loved the exploratory work Tom shared with us. If you’re a fan of Scotland, beer and ambitious brewers, what’s not to love about Innis & Gunn’s SkyPA and Thirsty Thought’s EEG controlled pint pourer, both great examples of what digital can do.

While the angles we take are different, our ambitions for digital are very similar.  The work Tom shared is largely focused on generating PR or supporting events, while we at True look for innovative opportunities to enhance the entire customer journey, whether that’s pulling passers by into pubs with a timely offer or inspiring Christmas shoppers in need of gift ideas.

Thanks to both Jason and Tom for giving up their valuable time for us.

If you work in a creative business and are up for sharing your experiences with True, we’d love to hear from you. And, of course, we’d be happy to return the favour. Get in touch with Nick.

- true team